Discover a Faith Worth Talking About | A New Book by Jonathan Merrit

available august 14, 2018


Discover a faith worth talking about


About THE Book

As America rapidly becomes a pluralistic, postmodern society, many of us struggle to talk about faith. We can no longer assume our friends understand words such as grace or gospel. Others, like lost and sin, have become so negative they are nearly conversation-enders.
Jonathan Merritt knows this frustration well. After Jonathan moved from the Bible Belt to New York City, he discovered that whenever conversations turned to spirituality, the words he'd used for decades didn't  connect with listeners anymore. In a search for answers and understanding, Jonathan uncovered a spiritual crisis affecting tens of millions. 
In this groundbreaking book, one of America's premier religion writers revives ancient expressions through cultural commentary, vulnerable personal narratives, and surprising biblical insights. Both provocative and liberating, Learning to Speak God from Scratch will breathe new life into your spiritual conversations and lure you into the embrace of the God who inhabits them.



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AbOut Jonathan

Jonathan Merritt is an award-winning writer on religion, culture, and politics. He currently serves as a contributing writer for The Atlantic,  contributing editor for The Week, and senior columnist for Religion News Service. He regularly provides commentary to television, print, and radio news outlets and has been interviewed by ABC World News, NPR, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS’ “60 Minutes” and The New York Times. Jonathan is author of three critically-acclaimed books, including Jesus is Better Than You Imagined and A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars. He resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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Join Jonathan for the Seekers & Speakers Tour, where he will be speaking on the themes and ideas in Learning to Speak God From Scratch. Watch for more details. Dates subject to chaange.


Atlanta, Georgia
August 5 - Vinings Lake Church

Duluth, Georgia
August 6 - Cross Pointe Church

New York City, New York
August 12 - Trinity Grace Church

South Bend, Indiana
September 2 - South Bend City Church

South Bend, Indiana
September 4 - South Bend City Church

Denver, Colorado
September 16 - Denver City Church

Boling Springs, NC
September 17-18 - Gardner-Webb University

Walker, Louisiana
September 23 - Walker Baptist Church

Raleigh, North Carolina
September 30 - Church on Morgan

Charlottesville, VA
October 18,  University of Virginia

Tulsa, OK
October 2,  Southminster Presbyterian Church

Seattle, WA
October 28,  Eastlake Church


"In Learning to Speak God from Scratch, my friend Jonathan Merritt tackles the challenge I’m confronted with every time I sit down to prepare a message. Language. Words. Nouns. Pronouns. Like you, I have a version of God-speak. And while it works for me, it doesn’t always work for the world around me. If you’re content to speak of God with only those who share your version of God-speak, then you will find this book curious at best. But if, like me, you’re convinced God has done something in the world, for the world, you will find this book indispensable."


- Andy Stanley,
North Point ministries, INC.